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For an internal rate of return, you need to have at least one cash outflow and one cash inflow. This means that at least one value must be negative and one value must be positive. Also, the numbers must be realistic in that the IRR can actually be
When you run a report with XIRR calculation you get the following error: “Argument #2 of ‘XIRR’ is out of range.” The first date in the array represents the start of the schedule for XIRR If the first date in the array is not the earliest, the function will fail

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The answer in G13 is wrong, K13 and O13 is right and should still be working after the formula. A similar formula like this (not right numbers) could be potentially be used =XIRR(C2:C8,B2:B8,0.1*SIGN(SUM(C2:C8))) you can find more info in google about this
XIRR Problem
XIRR Problem Thanks – that seems to fix it! I have just used an IF formula in the cash flows line: IF cash flow = 0, use -0.001, otherwise use the cash flow. It’s a useful work-around, but you would hope Microsoft could fix the function so a work-around is not
XIRR for Non Contiguous Data [SOLVED]
 · 8. Lastly , I changed the formula to refer to the range satisfying your criteria i.e. only those amounts for 2005 and later ; this made the formula =XIRR(AF19:AF53,AH19:AH53,15%) ; this gave the same result 0.000000447 %.
 · XIRR((Names),(dateapplied)) Checking this formula it comes back with no errors, but running the report brings back this error: The ‘values’ of the XIRR formula must contain both negative and postive numbers. WHich is true – when you run an array, it should
Excel XIRR Function
The Excel XIRR function returns the internal rate of return for a series of cash flows that is not necessarily periodic. And if you want to get the internal rate of return for a series of periodic cash flows, you can use the IRR function in Excel.
How to use the XIRR formula in Google Sheets
Let us try and apply this formula practically so that we get a better hang of how things work with XIRR formula in Google Sheets. Please have a look at the snapshot below. As shown in multiple examples above, the cash flows can be direct numeric values or we can also use a reference to the range of cells that hold the cash flow values.

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XIRR Excel is a sum of multiple CAGRs (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) with regular cash flow. Let’s first try to understand CAGR. Suppose you invested Rs. 1,00,000 five years ago and you have received an amount of Rs. 1,25,000 on that investment. The
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 · How can I “trick” excel to use non-continuous cell I would like to have =xirr(m3:m4 and n5,d3:d5) or =xirr(m3:m40 and n41,d3:d41) I realize that xirr doesn’t accept the “and” . I’m including it to help explain my question.– Wag more, bark less
Excel Financial Modeling – IRR vs XIRR Formula in Excel
XIRR is the abbreviation for the Extended Internal Rate of Return.The Microsoft Excel XIRR function is a built-in financial function that calculates the IRR of a series of cash flows that occur at IRREGULAR intervals defined by specific dates. The XIRR Formula in Excel has the following components:
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Formula Description Returns =XIRR(B1:B5; A1:A5; 0.1) The function calculates the internal rate of return for the five payments mentioned in column B with their dates mentioned in column A. Guess value of 0.1 is used. 0.182843485820784 or 18.28% =XIRR(B1or
XIRR demystified with source code in C#
If you are familiar with XIRR and the problems it solves, feel free to skip to the second part of the article. There I will present a C# module which implements the same formula (source code is on Github). Financial overview First, we will explore the simplest
XIRR: a bug?
Excel’s XIRR says the return is 0.0%, if you use as your “guess” 10%. However, the “correct” return, for the numbers in Figure 1, is -4.81% so Excel has it wrong. Now here’s the interesting part: Change the initial investment from $200 to $200.00001 and guess

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