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“Tribal Dissent or White Aggression? . . .” by Jacques …

Tribal Dissent or White Aggression?: Interpreting Penobscot Indian Dispossession Between 1808 and 1835 Authors Jacques Ferland Publication Date 8-1-2007 Document Type Article First Page 124 Last Page 170 Abstract “I now come to the time when our I am

Tribal meeting in Kuhlan Affar district condemns …

Al-Thawra Net A tribal meeting held in Kuhlan Afar district of Hajjah province condemned the continuation of the aggression coalition in committing horrific crimes against the Yemeni people in a flawed international silence. In the presence of the deputy governor Dr. Taha al-Hamzi, the meeting denounced that the aggression warplanes intentionally targeted the civilians’ homes in Weshha in

Is it natural for humans to make war? New study of tribal …

California’s Jared Diamond, both of whom have recently published best-selling books on the subject of war-like aggression and tribal societies. In Diamond’s “The World Until Yesterday

Hodeidah announces tribal mobilizations to confront …

HODEIDAH, July 19 (Saba) – A tribal meeting was organized on Sunday by Hodeidah residents to declare a general mobilizations to confront the crimes committed by the Saudi-led aggression and its mercenaries against the Yemeni people.
Two types of aggression in human evolution
Two major types of aggression, proactive and reactive, are associated with contrasting expression, eliciting factors, neural pathways, development, and function. The distinction is useful for understanding the nature and evolution of human aggression. Compared with many primates, humans have a high propensity for proactive aggression, a trait shared with chimpanzees but not bonobos. By
 · Whenever foreign forces have committed aggression against Afghanistan, tribal people have always been at the forefront in support of their Afghan brethren against foreign invaders. Q: The Pakistani government suspects you have given shelter to foreign elements who are believed to be al-Qaeda members.
(PDF) The Reasons Behind Human Aggression
Human Aggression (Annu. Rev. Psychol. 53:27–51) Napoleon A. Chagnon (1988), Life Histories, Blood Revenge, and Warfare in a Tribal Population (Science – Vol. 239, Issue 4843, pp. 985-992) Agustin Fuentes (2012), The Roots of Human Aggression
(PDF) Tribalism Is Human Nature
However, evolutionary pressures have probably shaped human minds to be tribal in nature, and in-group favoritism, out-group animus, and related cognitive biases are likely characteristic of all

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Male Aggression
 · • Berkowitz L. Aggression: Its causes, consequences, and control. New York. McGraw-Hill. 1993. 485 p. • Bohannon R.W. Reference values for extremity muscle strength obtained by hand-held
Football Violence in Europe
disputes, and engaging in ‘manly’, tribal aggression. Parallels existed in other European countries, such as the German Knappen and the Florentine calcio in costume, but the roots of the modern game are to be found firmly in these ancient English

The Male Warrior Hypothesis: Testosterone-related …

 · The results of the t-tests showed differences in aggression between the two contexts in the PSAP (t = −5.722, df = 214.03, p < 0.001). Individuals in the intergroup competitive context showed

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The Middle East: Tribal Culture and Premodern States

This balanced tribal structure thus has built-in deterrence against aggression, each group knowing that opposing groups will unify to respond, tribal conflict therefore being mitigated. There are two main forms of political organization in the Middle East: tribes and pre-modern states.
Intergroup aggression in meerkats
While much of the competition between groups is indirect (e.g. via scent marking behaviour or vocal exchanges), some species directly engage in physical aggression between groups. Although intergroup conflict was once thought to be rare outside of humans [ 1 ], violence between groups has now been described across a wide range of taxa including social insects [ 2 – 4 ], birds [ 5 , 6 ] and

Blinken warns China against ‘coercion and aggression’

 · A warning to China from U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday (March 16) – as he cautioned it against using “coercion and aggression”.Blinken and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are in Japan’s capital Tokyo for their first trip overseas as top members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet – in a bid to strengthen ties between the two powers, and solidify Asian alliances in the face

Violence and Aggression in Sports: An In-Depth Look …

 · Aggression is not an attitude, but behavior and, most critically, it is committed with the intent to injure (LeUnes & Nation,1989). (Tenenbaum, Stewart, Singer, & Duda, 1997, p. 1)