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Some people refer to the Pentax 67 as “FrankenMonster”.

Pentax 67 – King of the Stable I really don’t know why some people refer to the Pentax 67 as “FrankenMonster”. Yeah, it’s big. But it’s certainly no Fuji GX680!Camera and prism weigh around 3.99 lbs. However, to put that in perspective, a Nikon F4s weighs …
Asahi, Pentax 6×7
The Pentax 6×7 (originally Asahi Pentax 6×7) and the later Pentax 67 and Pentax 67II are medium-format reflex cameras for 120/220 film with interchangeable lens, made by Pentax in Japan. Its look and shape are similar to those of a conventional 35 mm reflex cameras, but with 1290 g of weight and larger size: 177 mm wide by 110 mm high and 91 mm deep.

Pentax 6×7 System — Photography by Thomas Eisl

BERGGER Pancro400 & Pentax 67II w/SMC Pentax 67 90mm f/2.8 Shooting in improvised locations allows for interesting images, and in the recent years I really tried to push that. Unfortunately, my Pentax 6×7 system was not well suited for what I tried to achieve in these circumstances.

Using Pentax 6×7 lenses on the Pentacon Six: the Solution

Given the size, weight and cost of Pentax 67 lenses, the Pentacon Six user with a comprehensive outfit may find no need to look to Pentax. However, for the Pentax 67 user with a range of lenses, it is well worth having the option of also using
5 Frames with the Pentax 67
The Pentax 67 system is a Spotmatic system swelled to densely muscular bulk, sporting pumped up Takumar glass. Load her with a mounted and spare lens into a backpack and the weight …
Pentax 6X7 Lenses
SMC Pentax 67 55mm f/4 8 28mm 22.35 725 77 [ A ] One of the best, optics changed (1986) SMC Pentax 67 Zoom 55mm-100mm f/4.5 11 28mm-50mm 32.60 1,210 95 [ A- ] Superb Zoom, sharp wide open (1998) SMC Pentax 67 75mm f 7
180.888.410 ALPA Lens Module Pentax 67
All the details and images of the ALPA product 180.888.410 ALPA Lens Module Pentax 67; article no 180.888.410; Dec 26, 2020 ALPA Lens Module Pentax 67 – SB 34 type of module for use on any standard ALPA 12 body with a combination of 34 mm of adapters
Pentax 6X7
[MINT] SMC PENTAX 67 75mm F4.5 Late Model Manual Lens for 6×7 67 67II From JAPAN $219.99 + $30.00 shipping Seller 100% positive : Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter, Pentax …

It allows Pentax 6×7 67 Lenses to fit on a Nikon F camera body. Although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other functions will …
The Pentax K-1. Worth Its Weight?
The Pentax K-1 system comes in around 30% cheaper than the Nikon D810 and almost 40% cheaper than the Canon 5DSR. Overall the Pentax K-1 brings all of Pentax’s great technology along with a rugged weather sealed body. Here are the details: Pros: SRII:
Bronica GS-1 -vs- Pentax 67
 · Pentax offers wider and faster lenses, the Bronica has leaf shutters that eliminate the shutter vibration the Pentax does have – the main argument for the Bronica in my eyes. The weight is in the end very comparable so it dies not play a role (well, both are quite heavy).
Two years with the Pentax 67 BY Will Hopkinson
 · Two years with the Pentax 67 By Will Hopkinson First off let me just show my appreciation for a great website. I have been following for years now, and it is always my go to for researching new gear or for general reading about photography. I am not a digital man to
Pentax 6X7 509588
SMC PENTAX 67 300mm F/4 Late Model Lens for 6×7 67 67II from JAPAN 650117 $71.94 + $45.00 shipping Seller 98.3% positive Report item – opens in a new window or tab
Leica S + Pentax 67 lenses ??
 · Hi all, First, Best Wishes to everybody for this new year! 🙂 I was wondering if some of you tried to use Pentax 67 lenses on a S body, with the Leica
Pentax SMC P 67
Pentax SMC P 67 – fisheye lens – 35 mm overview and full product specs on CNET. Controlling VR with my mind: NextMind’s dev kit shows me a strange new world

Nr mint Pentax 67 TTL MLU Spät Modell 6×7 + T 105mm …

Pentax 67 Color: Black Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan MPN: N/A Custom Bundle: Yes Focus Type: Manual Series: Pentax 67 Item Weight: 2745g Format: 6×7 cm Brand: PENTAX Type: Medium Format Manufacturer Warranty: None Features:
Pentax 67 Light Seals
Pentax 67 Light Seals | 67 Film Cameras USCamera Foam This Pentax light seal kit fits Pentax 67 First of all, help with installing light seal kits is available. Go here. Following the link to that short read can improve the quality of your light seal installation.