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Cancer: Studies have looked at the role of RDW in cancer in a few different ways. With several types of cancer (such as blood-related cancers, lung cancer, and colon cancer), a high RDW may signify a poorer prognosis.

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 · PDF 檔案Patients with high RDW >15 had significantly low mean he-moglobin of 10.6 1.8 gm/dl compared with low RDW <15 patients having a mean hemoglobin level of 12 1.6 gm/dl (P¼0.000).

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What does high RDW in blood test after chemotherapy indicate? Dear Sir, for a patient undergoing his 3rd intravenous chemotherapy his blood test shows high rdw and normal mcv for 3rd stage colon cancer (resection to remove tumour done) does it show any danger in his mortality rate ? the patient rdw had been increasing after each treatment is this normal ?

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High RDW remained an independent adverse factor for OS after adjustment for the International Prognostic Index and the National The mean RDW value of prostate cancer patients was 14 .6


 · PDF 檔案may affect the RDW but the data supporting this is mixed. mias with a high RDW and low, normal and high One thing to remember is that, while the RDW is routinely calculated by virtually all automated he-matologic analyzers, the actual methodology used by
Red blood cell distribution width
Red blood cell distribution width (RDW), as well as various types thereof (RDW-CV or RCDW and RDW-SD), is a measure of the range of variation of red blood cell (RBC) volume that is reported as part of a standard complete blood count. Usually red blood cells are a standard size of about 6–8 μm in diameter. Certain disorders, however, cause a
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 · RDW blood tests that show high levels but normal MCV can mean that iron, vitamin B12, or folate levels are too low. RDW that is too high with normal MCV could also be a sign of chronic liver disease. Elevated RDW and low MCV. High RDW levels can mean .
Red Cell Distribution Width
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What Is High RDW and Low Ferritin?
If deficiency is causing your high RDW and low ferritin, your doctor may recommend supplements and dietary changes to bring your levels within the normal range. For instance, B-12 is abundant in animal products, and folate is found in green vegetables, peanuts and beef liver, to name a few.
 · Picture Source RDW (red blood cell distribution width linked with peripheral smear) Photo Source : What does it mean when your RDW is high? High RDW and high MCV – When the RDW and MCV both turned out higher than the usual, it could indicate a liver disease.

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Not really sure what high red blood cells means. Do you mean a high red blood cell count or high haematocrit count. I’ll just assume it is a high cell count. RDW means Red Cell Width meaning that the cells have a larger than normal diameter. Low M
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In the same respect, a normal MCV reading in combination with normal RDW may represent a chronic disorder, and normal MCV combined with high RDW can signify a B12 deficiency. RDW Calculation RDW is calculated by dividing the standard deviation (SD) by the mean corpuscle volume (MCV) and then multiplying that result by 100.
Iron deficiency
Laboratory findings include low ferritin, low MCV, high RDW, and increased transferrin. A drop in hemoglobin is the final stage of iron-deficiency anemia, which develops after all iron stores are
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 · What does high MPV mean in blood work? High MPV meaning. A high MPV means that your platelets are larger than average. This is sometimes a sign that you’re producing too many platelets. Platelets are produced in the bone marrow and released into the

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On my blood test results it shows the fallowing as being low HGB 10.3 HCT 33.7 MCV 73.1 MCH 22.4 MCHC 30.6 FERRITIN 6.0 And thr following as high RDW 16.3 WHAT ARE THESE AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN … read more
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High RDW Accompanied With High MCV When the both parameters are high, it can mean that the both substances fail at body detoxication. The main organ which plays a big role in system detoxication is liver. A liver takes out all the harmful substances and It