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以及SCIEX Triple Quad 7500 LC-MS/MS 系統 – QTRAP® Ready的廠商報價和資料,藥物研發,是您值得信賴的

Using LC-MS/MS and Advanced Software Tools to Screen for Unknown and Non-targeted PPCP in Environmental Samples …

 · PDF 檔案LC-MS/MS Screening – Direct Injection of Water −158 Scheduled MRM transitions to screen for PPCP (EPA 1694) −Injection of 100µL into QTRAP® 5500 LC/MS/MS system −Phenomenex Luna C18 HST (100x3mm 2.5µm) and gradient of water/acetonitrile

Accurate mass LC-MS/MS for PFAS analysis without …

 · Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) Typically, PFAS is analyzed by LC-MS/MS methods, such as EPA Method 537 , ISO 25101 , DIN 38407-42 , ASTM D7979 , or ASTM D7968 . LC-MS/MS can be an advantage in terms of sensitivity and selectivity, especially with targeted screening using a triple quadrupole MSMS instrument with a multiple reaction monitoring approach …

SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS 系統 – QTRAP® …

提供SCIEX Triple Quad 7500 LC-MS/MS 系統 – QTRAP® Ready的詳細參數指標和應用范圍,能滿足最嚴格的小分子代謝體檢測分析要求。 可應用的領域包括生物標記研究,AB Sciex API 4000 LC/MS/MS + E2M28 + Agilent 1100 HPLC Binary System. 44.080.00
AB SCIEX QTRAP®5500 LC/MS/MS 系統結合靈敏度最高的串聯四極桿質譜技術與快速掃描線性加速離子阱技術,食品安全和環境檢測等。如欲了解更多的服務
4000 QTRAP ® LC/MS/MS System from SCIEX
The 4000 QTRAP® LC/MS/MS System is AB SCIEX’s premier Hybrid Triple Quadrupole/Linear Ion trap mass spectrometer. Ideal for drug discovery and development, metabolite identification, contaminant testing, and proteomic applications including post-translationally modified proteins discovery, protein identification, and biomarker validation.
AB Sciex API 4000 LC-MS/MS System
LC-MS or LC-MS/ MS Ion Traps & Others Single Quadrupole MS Triple Quadrupole MS


View and Download AB Sciex API 5000 LC/MS/MS hardware manual online. API 5000 LC/MS/MS laboratory equipment pdf manual download. Page 1 Hardware Guide API 5000 System D1000092206 B May 2010 Page 2 This document is provided to customers who have purchased AB SCIEX equipment to use in the operation of such AB SCIEX equipment.
AB Sciex API 3000 ™ LC/MS/MS 系統|參數|價格|指標
AB Sciex API 3000 LC/MS/MS 系統系統介紹集優異性能于一身的性價比zei好的API 3000 三重四極桿串聯質譜系統API 3000 LC/MS/MS系統集合了公司的zei新質譜技術,廠家專業的產品名稱售后服務團隊,是小分子高通量定量分析實驗室首選的儀器。

AB Sciex 3200 串聯四級桿離子阱 LC/MS/MS 系統3200 …

SCIEX為您提供AB Sciex 3200 串聯四級桿離子阱 LC/MS/MS 系統3200 QTRAP® LC/MS/MS的參數及2020年最新報價,疾病機轉研究,SCIEX也是液質聯用(LC-MS)儀器專業品牌供應商

Drugs of Abuse Analysis: How LC-MS/MS Reduced Run …

 · Liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) with multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) offers significant performance benefits to forensic investigators. It has become the method of choice for quantitative analysis of abused drugs because it offers several advantages over GC-MS, such as faster sample extraction and simultaneous analysis of a broader range of compounds.
LC-MS Peptide Calibration Kit
LC-MS Peptide Calibration Kit – LC-MS Peptide Calibration Kit This kit contains 2 tubes of beta gal digest (625 pmol/vial), 1 tube of Glu-Fibrinogen peptide, and 2 bottles of Standard Diluent. The kit is used for evaluation of MS and MS/MS during electrospray infusion
The new workhorse for LC/MS/MS
 · PDF 檔案The AB SCIEX Triple Quad 4500 System Reliable, robust, definitive quant Analyst method converter Rapidly transfer your workflows For real-world commercial labs who need a fully integrated LC/MS/MS workhorse, they can trust, hour after hour, day after day.
API 3200™ LC-MS/MS SYSTEM – SCIEX – PDF Catalogs
Consult SCIEX’s entire API 3200 LC-MS/MS SYSTEM catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/8 For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Convenient “plug and play” ion sources Rugged, reliable, and easily interchangeable ion sources are available
SCIEX – Triple Quad 5500+ LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP Ready by AB Sciex Pte. Ltd.. The best just got better. The SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP Ready is equipped to conquer your laboratory’s most complex

AB SCIEX API 3200MD 2019 Model LC-MS/MS System …

LC/MS/MS system Includes: AB SCIEX API 3200MD QQQ MS SN#: EP230011901 DGU-20A 5R Degassing Unit and solvent tray 2x LC-20AD XR Nexera Liquid Chromatograph SIL-20AC XR Nexera Autosampler CTO-20AC Prominence Column Oven PC with
AB SCIEX 3200MD Series Mass Spectrometers
Consult SCIEX’s entire AB SCIEX 3200MD Series Mass Spectrometers catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/5 Your success is our success We take it personally As an AB SCIEX customer you have access to a world-class customer support organization.

Used Ab Sciex Lc Ms Ms Systems for sale. Sciex …

AB Sciex API 4000 LC/MS/MS Manufacturer: Sciex This off-lease API 4000 LC/MS/MS enhanced high performance triple quadruple mass spectrometer system is a high quality instrument with outstanding value. The API 4000 LC/MS/MS has a mass range of m